Investment Philosophy

We are focused on finding unrecognized value in the natural resources space, searching in areas that others have overlooked.

Our investment philosophy represents that combination of two core investment approaches, borne from the practices of two well-known professional investors Eric Sprott founded Sprott Inc. in 1981 and is widely known for his macro-based, directional investing. Rick Rule is a value investor who chooses individual investments very carefully and decides which companies he would like to capitalize. 

Through the complementary nature of these two philosophies, we strive to give investors access to a variety of natural resources investments in their portfolios, some reflecting a value-added approach and others reflecting our beliefs in which direction the resource markets will go. Occasionally, our investments may involve both philosophies.

Core Strengths

Our ability to identify opportunities others may miss is supported by these core strengths:

  • Experience - Our company’s founder, Rick Rule, has been involved in the sector for more than 30 years and has worked with some of the most successful management teams in the industry. .
  • Expertise - We have dedicated our efforts by specializing in one sector and being the best in that sector. We have a team of financial and technical experts that travel the world in search of the best projects in which to invest.

Focused on Value

When seeking value, we look for investment opportunities in the natural resources sector that are currently out of favor with the general investment community. We track political and economic cycles, as well as asset classes that are being ignored. We dig deep in an attempt to identify value in the market, which is why you will not talk extensively about more popular stocks discussed on the nightly business news.

Along with our technical evaluation of companies’ projects, Sprott Global employs fundamental analysis in virtually all of our research efforts to determine the high-quality value-based investments. While evaluating trading patterns might be useful to some investors, we believe value-based investing provides better long-term returns. We use our extensive experience in the natural resources and financial industries to analyze the differences between the price at which a company is trading in the markets and its actual underlying value.


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