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Sprott Global Energy

Rick -ruleWe populate accounts under the Energy platform with equities of companies engaged primarily in the exploration for and production of oil and gas in North America. The
focus tends to be on small to mid-sized companies (less than $500 million market capitalization). To a lesser extent, the energy platform invests in alternative energy, coal, and uranium. We also may own positions in the companies that service the resource sector, such as drilling contractors, down-hole service providers, and gas gathering and transmission companies.
Occasionally, we will invest in a pure exploration company, but the majority of investments are in more mature operations. As with the Diversified platform, our objective is to identify management teams that we believe can add shareholder value absent an increase in oil and gas prices.

Key Benefits

Professional Money Management
Active discretionary portfolio management so you don’t need to be involved with day to-day investment decisions.

Experienced Money Managers
Proven and knowledgeable experts in natural resource investing.

Portfolio holdings and fees are transparent so you always understand what you own and the fees you are paying.

Tax Management
Unlike mutual funds, managed accounts don’t have embedded tax gains.

Reporting & Monitoring
Informative and comprehensive reports with calculated rates of return are provided. 

Available to Qualified Clients only, this program can provide access to private placements for added performance potential.

Account Minimums
& Fee Structures


  • $250,000 minimum account value is required.
  • 1.50% management fee plus a performance fee of 10% of account value appreciation, subject to a high water mark.

Management fees are annualized, accrued daily and payable quarterly, in advance.

Account Types

We can accommodate most forms of account registration including Individual, Joint, Trust, Corporate, and Partnerships.

Investor Qualifications

Premium – Not available for retirement accounts or Irrevocable Trusts with assets less than $5 million (Assets can be in other accounts, but the trust as a whole must have $5M in assets). Beyond those two retrictions, these accounts are only available to “Qualified Clients” defined as having (alone, or together with his/her spouse, if investing jointly) not less than $2,000,000 in net worth. Subject to the account minimum.

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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, time horizon and liquidity needs before making an investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.