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Rick -ruleThis is our most popular platform because it focusses on what our clients believe we do best – identifying investment opportunities throughout the natural resource space without being confined to a certain sector or company size. Our coverage includes precious metals, base metals, oil & gas, alternative energy, agriculture, and forestry. There are literally thousands of companies participating in the industry, ranging from the multinationals of the world down to small, start-up exploration companies. We tend to focus more on the juniors (sub $500 million market capitalizations) because we feel we can know more about their management, properties, and financial condition. These are key elements to succeeding in this market.
We have what we believe to be two world-class geologists on staff that travel the world evaluating projects for us. Rick Rule has a network of contacts in the industry that we believe are among the best in our sector. Utilizing these talents, we do our best to improve your chance of success in what typically is a very volatile market. The result is that your portfolio will contain a collection of positions in companies that are mostly event driven. In other words, stocks that have a reason to go higher absent a rise commodity prices. Examples would be exploration success, takeover potential, strength of management, or just fundamentally undervalued. We want a second reason to own a company aside from just higher gold or oil prices.

We do not apply sector weighting in these accounts. There are times where your account may be weighted heavily toward oil and gas; at other times precious metals. Furthermore, we do not fully invest your account upon funding. We buy something for you only when we
believe a company meets our investment criteria and is trading at a favorable price. For this reason and depending on market conditions, you may find that it may take over a year before your portfolio is fully invested.


Key Benefits

Professional Money Management
Active discretionary portfolio management so you don’t need to be involved with day to-day investment decisions.

Experienced Money Managers
Proven and knowledgeable professionals in natural resource investing.

Portfolio holdings and fees are transparent so you always understand what you own and the fees you are paying.

Tax Management
Unlike mutual funds, managed accounts don’t have embedded tax gains.

Reporting & Monitoring
Informative and comprehensive reports with calculated rates of return are provided. 

Available to Qualified Clients only, this program can provide access to private placements for added performance potential.

Account Minimums &
Fee Structures


  • $100,000 minimum account value is required.
  • 2.0% management fee for account values between $100,000 and $250,000. For account values over $250,000, a reduced management fee of 1.50% applies.


  • $250,000 minimum account value is required.
  • 1.50% management fee plus a performance fee of 10% of account value appreciation, subject to a high water mark.

Management fees are annualized, accrued daily and payable quarterly, in advance.

Account Types

We can accommodate most forms of account registration including Individual, Joint, Trust, IRA/ROTH IRA, Profit Sharing/Pension, Corporate, and Partnerships.

Investor Qualifications

Traditional – available to all US investors, subject to the account minimum.

Premium – Not available for retirement accounts or Irrevocable Trusts with assets less than $5 million (Assets can be in other accounts, but the trust as a whole must have $5M in assets). Beyond those two retrictions, these accounts are only available to “Qualified Clients” defined as having (alone, or together with his/her spouse, if investing jointly) not less than $2,000,000 in net worth. Subject to the account minimum.

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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, time horizon and liquidity needs before making an investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.


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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, time horizon and liquidity needs before making an investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Securities discussed may not be a suitable investment for your portfolio.”