Sprott Asset Management USA Inc.

Our Philosophy

At Sprott USA, our team will be utilizing a mixture of investment philosophies. We believe this mixture of philosophies will help us capture the profits to be made from all avenues of investment. Eric Sprott, the founder of Sprott Inc., is widely known for his macro-based, directional investing. He primarily seeks to profit from the general direction of the resource markets. He then focuses on investing in companies that are best positioned to benefit from his directional views. Eric has been an active investor in gold and silver equities  for many years.  Mr. Sprott has relationships with hundreds of precious metals and resource companies and benefits from his location in Toronto, the mining finance capital of the world.

Rick Rule, on the other hand, is a value-added investor. He chooses the individual investments very carefully and decides which companies he would like to capitalize. Our investment executives and geologists are sent to the actual properties of these companies so that they can assess the feasibility of the projects that the companies are trying to fund and execute. 

With the complimentary nature of these two philosophies, we hope to give investors a variety of investments in their portfolios, with some securities reflecting a value-added approach, and other securities reflecting our beliefs in which direction the resource markets will go. Occasionally our investments will also involve both philosophies within one individual investment.

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